Multifunctional carrying bag

▪︎ Color: brown or red

feature of product:

1. Exclusive LOGO zipper puller
2. Cushioning pad
3. Dedicated pockets for accessories
4. Water-repellent fabric
5. Can also be used as other cosmetic bags or clutches

White Shadow Wood Drinking Knife

▪︎ Style: wine bottle opener
▪︎Material: Stainless steel, Figured Sycamore
▪︎ Product size: 119 x 28 x 13mm
▪︎ Product weight: 100g

▪︎ Product performance: wine bottle opener, foil cutter, can opener
▪︎Applicable: red wine bottles, soda or beer bottles with metal caps

▪︎ Product features:

1. Comfortable curved grip shape commonly used for exports.
2. White shadow wood has a unique texture and wavy or eye-like pattern.
3. Two-stage bottle opening, easy to use and durable design.
4. Five-turn non-stick thread design.
5. Three-in-one function: bottle opener, serrated foil cutter, can opener.
6. A perfect and practical gift.


▪︎ Notes:

1. When the product is not in use, please keep it out of reach of children.
2. Simply wipe with a damp cloth.
3. Cannot be used in dish dryers.

Super fiber glass polishing cloth

▪︎ Color: silver gray or warm gray
▪︎ Material: Microfiber
▪︎ Product size: 61 x 50.8 cm
▪︎ Product weight: 45 grams

1. Pattern: solid color
2. Product performance: removes dust, oil, smudges and fingerprints.
3. Suitable for: drying and polishing tableware, wine glasses, stemware, stainless steel, crystal, jewelry, silverware,
Household appliances, lenses, granite, etc.
4. Product features: no lint, no scratches, no traces, durable, and reusable.
5. Product care: Machine wash or hand wash on gentle cycle (washable at 75°C/167°F to 90°C/194°F).
6. Note: Do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron, and do not use fabric softener or conditioner.