Brand Story

We were the original innovators of the “World’s First Electric Wine Aerator” and have over 10 years of experience in developing international wine accessories. Our team is composed of members from Taiwan and the United States, who have garnered multiple international design awards and global media recognition. In 2023, we “Re” established a new wine accessories brand [Vinxper], aiming to maintain our technological leadership in electric wine aerators while offering consumers simple and effective innovative products.

The brand Vinxper is a combination of the French word for wine, ‘Vin’, and the English word ‘Expert’, signifying our expertise in wine accessories.

In 2024, we are launching our first product – [Vinxper Expert – The World’s 4th Generation Adjustable Electric Wine Aerator]. Through the new exclusive patented aeration technology, it is the first to offer precise and customizable wine decanting effects ranging from 0 to 240 minutes (Suitable for 99% of young wines aged 3 to 7 years), along with TYPE-C Charging and Water-Resistant Design. Not only can it replace the traditional glass decanters but it can also address the current issues present in electric wine aerators on the market, such as battery leakage, unstable aeration, water intrusion in the aerator body, and potential wine dripping. Henceforth, even consumers who aren’t wine connoisseurs can appreciate the magic of wine.

In the future, we will uphold our team’s design philosophy: “If innovative products are not used by people, the value of innovation will not exist”, ensuring that more people can experience the innovative value of [Vinxper].